Pay Per Click Advertizing - PPC

Perfect place for business promotion

We create & manage ads on Google Ads, facebook, Instagram and anyhwere that is available..

Ads that work

Get the customers that are looking right now for the products and services you proivide

PPC Advertizing is the fastest way to drive traffic to any website, product or service.

PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising

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At PubliExpert, we believe that helping our clients achieve fast Traffic is a great way to bring in cash

People are searching right now for what you offer.

Having a specilized, optimized and targeted PPC campaign is the best way to save money and bring in revenue.

If you are not managing your PPC campaigns with a professional you are losing money

It is very easy to make mistakes, target the wrong keywords and audience, or mismanage the budget. You should hire a professional just like when you need a doctor. You should only work with the best!

Targeted campaigns that bring results

On website optimization to lower Cost Per Click

Ads created by a team of professionals

Constant optimization to reduce costs

Turn Searchers Into Visitors & Visitors Into Customers

The right moment to grab someone’s attention is when they actually need you. Placing an ad in front of them solving their problem is the best way to get results.

FAQ and Objections

I already have an seo campaign. why do i need ppc?

Your SEO may already be good enough, but it could be better. PPC complements SEO. You can use it to determine which keywords to target and align it with your SEO accordingly. If you’re already at the top spot in organic search, you can use PPC to further push out your competitors.

I didn’t hit my target roi with my previous provider.

What were the goals of your PPC campaign? How did your previous provider set-up your ads? Can you show us your landing pages? Is your target ROI within reasonable range?

I don’t see any conversion happening.

Conversion tracking can show you where your leads are coming from. You might not have been seeing any conversion because your provider has not set-up conversion tracking properly.

It’s too expensive

It can be, but only if you are not setting the right budget. PPC is a controlled investment. You can set a maximum cost-per-click for keywords, so you don’t have to spend more than you’re willing to on every click or acquisition.